Manasa Institute of Child Health and Disability Studies (MICHADS) to become a world class organization that promotes child health and rights, inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities and families.


Building capacities, improving process, leveraging technology and involving all stakeholders for achieving professional excellence through research, extension and development.


  • All PwDs have strengths and inherent values and are equal before law and their dignity must be respected.
  • Child health is paramount and must be taken care of at all costs
  • MANASA Recognizes and respects concerns, capabilities, commitment and contribution of families and communities.
  • MANASA Values collaborative and participative functioning involving concerned individuals, organizations and coalitions.
  • Manasa values inclusion, non-discrimination, diversity, democracy, transparency, accountability, integrity and excellence.
  • Manasa values and recognizes protection of rights of child, women and vulnerable people.


  1. Take up programmes and projects in child health, disability and inclusion to in consonance with PWD Act 2016 and UNCRPD keeping in view Full Life Cycle Needs and need for the Access to Enabling Environment.
  2. Develop short term and long-term education and training programmes to address the gaps in human resource development needs in the Child Health Disability Rehabilitation in India and other South Asian countries.
  3. Take up research and extension (community health and rehabilitation) and publications focusing on various issues in child health and disability empowerment policies and practices.
  4. Develop innovative models in child health and disability empowerment involving communities through rights based people centric approach.
  5. Develop capacities of cadres involved in child health, inclusion and disability empowerment and strengthen systems and community assets.