Clinical Services

Manasa Neurodevelopmental Clinic

Children at risk for neurodevelopmental delays and children with various impairments such as Intellectual, Physical, Vision, Communication ( Speech & Hearing ), in various disorders/syndromes like Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD etc are thoroughly assessed and short term and long term rehab clinical services are offered in here.

Various aids and appliances (Spectacles, Hearing Aids, Learning Aids, braces & artificial limbs etc.) are also arranged for the children with such needs.

The Paediatric Rehabilitation specialists consist of physical, occupational, speech therapists who utilize a standardized developmental assessment tools to determine Mental abilities, Motor skills, Speech skills, Problems of weakness or tone and follow up neuro rehab services are provided.

Optometry and Low vision rehab provides Vision assessment and optical dispensing services an Audiology & Auditory Rehabilitation provides

Weekly case conferences (every weekend) are held on the progress of the children involving all the special educators, therapists and parents and periodical evaluation & parent counselling done by the Director on all the aspects of the child’s optimum and speedy improvement.

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