1. Department of Child Health: Department of Child Health organises training, research and community services aiming at overall development with the special emphasis on the children with developmental delays and neurodevelopmental disorders and children with chronic conditions and severe disabilities, prevention and treatment.
  2. Department of Early Intervention: In addition to training and research in early intervention the Department of Early Intervention offers a variety of therapeutic eligible infants and toddlers (age zero to three years) with developmental delays and disabilities and support services to their families.
  3. Department of Audiology and Speech- Language Pathology: Department of Audiology & Speech – Language Pathology offers clinical diagnostic and rehabilitation services to various speech and hearing disorders and also provides complete range of hearing aids to the individuals with hard of hearing; particularly hearing care, prevention of hearing loss, newborn/neonatal and paediatric screening and auditory training and rehabilitation , speech and language assessment and therapy services.  Main thrust of the department is to provide Community/School Screening programmes, Counselling, Training and Research.
  4. Department of Psychology: Psychological assessment, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychiatric consultation services are provided.  The training and research in community child and adolescent psychological development and mental health and disabilities are the core areas of the department.
  5. Department of Physiotherapy: Prevention, treatment/intervention, Physical rehabilitation services are provides in the Physiotherapy in addition to training and research. Providing the Physiotherapy for children with cerebral palsy, other impairments and Community Based Rehabilitation are priorities of the department.
  6. Department of Occupational Therapy: The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life and enable children with disabilities to develop their self-care or self-help skills, most of work focuses on improving the cognitive capacities, mental health, sensory-motor integration, fine motor moments and dexterity among the children with developmental delays and other disabilities. Clinical and community based services, teaching, research and documentation are the other main functions of the department.
  7. Department of Special Education: In addition to providing special education for the children with special needs at in special school of MICHADS; teaching, training and research in special education and allied areas are the functions of the special education department.
  8. Department of Vocational Training: Vocational Training or the Vocational Rehabilitation is to help eligible individuals with disabilities prepare for work and become gainfully employed. The primary vocational rehabilitation services are assessment, selection of suitable skill set based on the individual’s aptitude, interest and residual abilities and counselling and guidance with job placement.  Compensate for, correct or prevent disability-based barriers to employment at work place in community settings are the other functions of the department.